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Can You Use Yeast Infection Cream While On Your Period

Written By: admin - Oct• 30•11

More women are moving towards natural medicine. It's less expensive, and usually has less or no side effects on the body outside treating a particular condition. Homeopathic yeast infection treatments are no different. While there are several treatment creams which can be bought from your local drugstore, they're not the only way to get rid of yeast infection symptoms. In this article we're going to explore three alternative remedies you can probably find right in your own kitchen.

A word of caution about Homeopathic yeast infection treatments, often times these methods take 1-2 weeks for relief. So if you're looking for immediate relief another option might be better.


Garlic is great for our bodies, heart, and cholesterol, and did you know it has antifungl properties to? Adding two or three cloves to your salads and meals each day will help to re balance your vagina, and reduce the growth of new yeast. Garlic can also be used to directly treat the infection by wrapping in cheese cloth and inserting into the vagina over night. If you go this route, be sure to continue the treatment for several days after the symptoms appear to be gone. This will ensure you don't have an immediate recurrence.
Cranberry Juice

We've heard a lot about the benefits of drinking cranberry juice for bladder infections, it also has benefits for getting rid of yeast infections. You need to ensure you're drinking just cranberry juice with no sugar added. Yeast thrive on sugar, and if you put more sugar in your system you'll hurt more then help. The acidity of the cranberry juice effects the secretions from the vagina, and makes it difficult for the yeast to multiply.


The right type of yogurt will fight the growth of yeast all day long, but you need to eat it every day. When you feel the symptoms of an infection coming on be sure to eat more then usual. If you don't normally eat yogurt and suffer from chronic infections I'd suggest starting to eat a little bit each day.

Beyond eating yogurt it can also be inserted directly into the vagina. One or Two tablespoons each day is enough to provide relief after several days. You can also make a light douche with yogurt to produce similar results. While the results might not be a big, you can get yogurt tablets from most health food stores. Taking one or two of these each day will help stop yeast infections from reoccurring.

Homeopathic yeast infection treatments are a very viable alternative to medications, and medicated creams. Of course as mentioned they do take a bit longer, but as long as the symptoms are not to severe, and you don't suffer from chronic yeast infections that shouldn't be a big problem.

Be sure to stick a treatment once you start unless you begin to experience side effects. It's possible to continue with a treatment for a week and almost see results but stop just a bit to early because you didn't think it was working. If you have questions or concerns about natural remedies for yeast infections be sure to always check with your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Yeast infection + Period?
    I got a yeast infection yesterday, but today I got my period (4 days early, I might add. Urg. Don't you hate surprises?) Anyway, I was wondering, I got a vaginal pill, and some cream... But now I can't use the cream because its weird and I don't want to make a mess, And I don't know whats happening with the pill up there. Uhm... Can anyone explain how to cure a yeast infection while on your period?

    So... Uhm

    • ANSWER:
      Your period will change the acidity of your vagina, so it should kill all of the yeast without medication. Wait until your period is over and see if it comes back. Also try to wear pads instead of tampons so that it can flush out the yeast.

    Yeast infection - gross TMI?
    Ok, so last night I realized I got a horrible yeast infection, it was sudden as I was normal the day before and then last evening it was horrendous. This was the worst I've ever had and I am a grown woman who has had quite a few, from antibiotics mostly. So I immediately bathe, which cause some burning, and used some Monistat 7 I had left over. I was in horrible agony, it burned so bad I could barely stand it. I had planned to get some Monistat 3 - the over the counter cream - today, but I woke up and now I have my period, heavy. I don't think you can use the Monistat while on your period, and I don't use pads which are messy and smelly, I use tampons. I currently cannot afford a doctor's appointment for this and the doctors around here no longer call in a prescription for Diflucan pill without an office visit that I can't afford. Ladies, please, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      A bad yeast infection can cause a VERY itchy irritation to a stinging effect. And often a 2nd type of infection could occur like vaginitis

      You do need to see a doctor when you have yeast infection and NOT self treat yourself. Depending on your age the medication differs.
      Also what you may have is not anymore a yeast infection. bacterial vaginosis and even some type of STD mimics some of the symptoms of Yeast infection and it needs a different med
      But do the following when you have a yeast infection

      1. Wear clean cotton undies. no tampons for now or sceneted sanitary pads. You need your vagina as relaxed and breathable as possible
      2. Avoid wearing tight pants, shorts or thongs as it may irritate the infection
      3. Wash with cold water. DO NOT DOUCHE
      4. Drinking lots of fluids, eating melons and organic yogurt boost your immune system against yeast infection
      5. During treatment, and a week or so after treatment, no sex. And if you had sex while you had yeast infection have your partner treated as well so that you dont pass it to each other
      6. Wash your bedsheets... for hygenic reasons
      7. Lower your intake of sugars, colas, sodas or anything that has suggar or caffine. yeast eats off the sugar your body makes

      if you are worried about not having money to see a doctor. Search your local planned parenthood clinic. They actually treat for free or for a low fee from pregnancies, Abortions, pre-natal, yeast and other Vaginal Infections, UTI and even colds and flu.
      They are private and confidential too.

      FYI Diflucan is a VERY strong pill and is often a last minute resort meds for yeast infection

    Had period for 2 months?
    I am on yaz, I've been taking yaz for nearly 2 years. I got my period on jan 2 and i continued spotting afterwards and eventually it got heavier and heavier. I skipped my period that month (but you can do that while on yaz and it doesn't affect your actual menstrual cycle says all the doctors ive asked). I have just started my REAL period today but I have been bleeding for nearly 2 months. It was light at first, then very heavy, but for the past 2 weeks it has been somewhat light until I got my real period.

    I have gone to the doctor already about this 4 times, and they have all said different things.
    1) Yeast infection- use the cream
    - also sent my pee away for chlamydia and gonorrhea (came back negative)
    2) Yeast infection - take canest oral
    3) Gave me pills for Chlamydia, gonnorhea, and bacterial vaginoses - which i took all of them, and sent away a swab which wasn't positive for STI's
    4) Yeast infection - gave me perscription pills (the ones that are 150 mg for 3 days) - said because the bacterial vaginosis wasn't it and the pills may have given me one tho.
    - sent away pee again (came back negative)

    Now... I'm still on my period, but on my real period.

    I am wondering what I should do next? I will most likely go back to the doctor again in a week (keep in mind, these have all been different doctors) and possibly get an ultrasound because I was told by a friend about ovarian cyst's. Has this happened to anyone? If so, what was it with your situation and what did you do?

    Thank you.

    I am 100% not pregnant

    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest you switch birth controls.

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